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The majority of people today are not, by and large, encouraged or trusted to make a positive contribution to shaping and improving their working lives. This would mean a sharing of power and, ultimately, the spoils of joint endeavour... #work 3 0
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@jackyatbigideas on #Facebook and social media... "A knife can be used to prepare the food we eat – or it can be used to stab someone to death. Is it therefore the knife that’s good or bad, or is it about us and the way we use it?” @RogerSteare 0 0
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We spend most of our adult lives at work. We choose a job and a career, sometimes they seem to choose us, and whatever we do we want to enjoy it, find fulfilment and be good – don’t we?

How to Be Good at Work is building week by week into a live online book; a ‘livebook’ that is asking questions and finding answers about the big stuff like our purpose, values, decisions and actions that impact our daily lives and the lives of those around us.

This book is for you, to help you find even better ways to be good at work – to enjoy it, and, while I fill in the blanks, I invite you to contribute, as we develop ideas and learn from each other’s experiences together.

Read about the project in my Foreword. Staring with Love, each section looks at a  different aspect of what it means to be good at work and is supported with papers and further reading plus, you’ll find guest writers and current insight and commentary. I hope you will find it useful, that you will want to contribute and share the ideas.

“Do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few.” Pythagoras

Following our first 10 episodes we now switch our attention to discussion around real life work place dilemmas, comment, guest essays and sharing with you thought provoking articles and third party resources that we find. In this way we will continuously be updating our content, posing questions and bringing you new voices and ideas around How to Be Good at Work. 

 We’ll also be preparing a print version… Interested? Contact us for details.

Share you thoughts with us via LinkedIn, plus our Facebook and Twitter channels – we’d love to know what you’re thinking …

  • Professor Roger Steare, foreword: 'How to Be Good at Work'
    1. Foreword
    When did we stop thinking? Why this book matters, why it’s free and what’s in it for you.
  • Man with pregnant partner - How to Be Good at Work
    2. Love
    Without LOVE life’s not worth living, work is no exception - grounding our purpose, values and morality, it’s where we all begin.
  • Different people thinking - how to be good at work
    3. Logic
    An adaptive species, collaborative, competitive; imaginative and creative. In a complex and volatile world know where to look for LOGIC and evolved thinking.
  • Yelling Cop - 'Law' How to be Good at work
    4. Law
    The many thousands of rules, processes and systems in the work place today not only threaten to overwhelm us, they create a palpable culture of fear… how do we escape the moral vacuum of the compliant robot?
  • A boy and his grandfather: MoralDNA - Love, Logic, Law - How to Be Good at Work
    5. The MoralDNA of Love, Logic and Law
    Through unparalleled, worldwide research we’re getting to the bottom of how we, as humans, approach and make ethical decisions based on Love, Logic and Law.
  • Mum speaks to her child. How do we decide what's right?
    6. How to decide what's RIGHT
    To act with Integrity means we cannot pick and choose our values to justify what’s easy. We have to embrace them all in order to do what’s right.
  • Men in suits stuck with their heads in cardboard boxes - culture at work - How to Be Good at Work
    7. Culture
    What makes a great place to work?... They need to be secure, happy, positive and progressive: get the culture right and the rest will follow.
  • Team meeting - leadership - How to Be Good at Work
    8. Leadership
    Good leaders create a safe culture for debate and decisions, in every conversation and meeting. Misleaders however, will gather you together to tell you how smart they are and how you need to hit the numbers to make them look good - or else...
  • Dinosaur - How to Be Good at Work
    9. Chaos, Flow and Systems Thinking
    In evolutionary terms, species that thrive in a changing environment are those that adapt and collaborate. The systems we inhabit are far too complex and unpredictable for us to be able to make a rule for every possible outcome. When we try we get it wrong.
  • People creating a human tower - 'Good Work Now and in the Future' - How to Be Good at Work
    10. Good at Work Now and in the Future
    From over 15 years' collaborative work, working out how to be good at work boils down to four fundamental questions... the answers could change your life.

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“Bosses want capitalism for themselves and feudalism for their workers” Matt O’Brien

“Most of us are fortunate enough to live in cultures that are more-or-less liberal, social democracies. We are equal in the eyes of the law and we all have a vote in who gets to lead us. But, when we come to work this reality changes. Unless we are part of a workers’ co-operative or partnership, we do not get to elect our leaders. We do not have a vote. And we are rarely treated equally.” Roger Steare

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The purpose of life is to discover your gift.
The work of life is to develop it.
The meaning of life is to give your gift away.

David Viscott
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