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Guest thinking

Discover more thinking from our guest contributors about the values, ethics and morality of the lives we live today in our featured essays.

  • Matt Abbott - poet - Sunday Cheer to Monday Cheer - How to Be Good at Work
    From Sunday Cheer to Monday Fear
    Beautifully illuminating the paradox of living our lives with love at home, yet leaving it behind when we’re at work, enjoy Matt Abbott’s specially commissioned poem 'Sunday Cheer to Monday Fear’. A clarion call for what really matters and Roger’s work as the Corporate Philosopher.
  • Confident little girl - How to Be Good at Work
    Confidence, Resilience and Why We Don't Have to Be Right
    Founder of Positive Belief, confidence coach, author and speaker Jules Wyman knows about confidence. illusive and powerful, when we have true confidence, as opposed to pretence, it can be a game changer at work and in life. But how do we get more of it? How do we develop and grow the real thing?
  • young children asking questions - 'How to Be Good at Work' Ned Hoste FRSA
    What if… we asked a few more questions?
    What if? Or What’s the point? What kind of questions are you asking at work? Designer and lifelong questioner Ned Hoste FRSA explores why we ask fewer questions as we age and what’s the point of keeping our curiosity alive.
  • Nick Knowles and the BBC TV DIYSOS team
    Good Work, from the Inside Out
    Presenter, writer and director Nick Knowles explores what good work means, the impact of DIYSOS and the power of purpose and community.
  • good compliance - Tracey Groves writing for 'How to Be Good at Work'
    To be good or not to be good: what is good compliance?
    Good compliance goes bad when it takes no account of human beings. Guest writing for ‘How to Be Good at Work’, former PwC Partner and founder Tracey Groves explores how good compliance needs to focus on the decision maker, just as much as any decisions made.
  • Girl and alarm clock - fear at work - Jo Clarke for How to Be Good at Work
    Working in a culture of fear
    “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Afraid of what? Of failing, or maybe succeeding? Of never being noticed, or standing out in a crowd? Of things always staying the same, or of change? Perhaps before we can work out what we could achieve if we weren’t afraid, we need to work out what scares us. Forensic Psychologist and guest writer with ‘How to Be Good at Work’ Professor Jo Clarke PhD wants to get a few things straight about fear in the workplace.
  • Mind of a robot - 'AI, Ethics and Equality' by Jacky Fitt for 'How to Be Good at Work'
    AI, Ethics and Equality – Who Gets To Decide What’s Right?
    Who is teaching the robots right from wrong? Jacky Fitt highlights the masculine bias currently dominating our tech industry and what this could mean for machine learning and the emergence of AI.
  • Fish escaping its bowl - 'How Should Organisations Engage with their Employees?' Dr Bill Tate - 'How to Be Good at Work'
    How should organisations engage with their employees?
    Is your organisation a ‘well oiled’ machine'? If it is you should be worried, Descartes got it wrong, here’s why…

    Guest contributor for ‘How to Be Good at Work’, Dr William Tate from the Institute for Systemic Leadership explores the management of social relationships in the workplace and how long held organisational systems are often good at suppressing employees’ energies for bringing about change; when in fact change is the very thing they need.