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Insights and Commentary

Discover more thinking from other sources we find about the values, ethics and morality of the lives we live today in our featured articles, essays, books and blogs.

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  • Murmuration of birds - Futility of economic prediction - Jacky Fitt on 'How to Be Good at Work'
    Predicted fall…, Anticipated growth…
    Uncertainty, breeds a rabid desire for the predictable: the known outcome, the endgame. And, today, the seemingly evangelical clamour of opposing ideologies to predict our future is deafening, drowning out the voices of reason and calm. And, economic prediction, although slavishly demanded, followed and repeated is possibly the most flawed of all.
  • worried man, HR and the 'Fear Factor'
    HR and the 'Fear Factor'
    Recently, we looked at the Fear Factor: the dominance of compliance over care, in Health, Politics, Banking and the Media. We have now added HR to the mix to discover, when it comes to the ‘people’ people tasked with our wellbeing at work, how they compare. 
  • Worried woman - Who's got the "Fear Factor" at work? - How to Be Good at Work - MoralDNA
    Who’s feeling the “Fear Factor” at work?
    Through our worldwide MoralDNA™ research we’ve run the data on the high profile sectors of Healthcare, Banking, Media and Politics and reveal some unsettling truths around fear in the work place. This is what we found…
  • RSA-Good work: A view from “Across the Pond”
    Citing ethics, along with excellence and engagement, as the three key elements of good work, they also make the point that it is personal ethics, not additional rules, that can help us avoid ‘compliance’ catastrophes where ethics are abandoned for ‘following the rules’. Over to Gardner and Mucinskas as they dig down into what ‘good work’ means…
  • Ethikos Essay
    Rule #1: Make the numbers or else… when compliance kills. When we comply with orders, rather than make an ethical decision based on moral principles, such as love, fairness and humility we repeatedly suffer the tragic consequences. Why don’t we learn? How can we break the cycle, and will new technology bring an end to feudal corporates with a new moral capitalism?
  • Young teacher - Who's Reading 'How to Be Good at Work'
    Who's Reading 'How to Be Good at Work'
    Since it’s launch in May this year we have welcomed a growing number of visitors to our LiveBook, but it’s not just the amount of readers that has surprised us, it’s their age and it may surprise you.