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More good thinking

Episodes 5-7

As well as drawing my own conclusions I read and research many papers, books, articles and essays on how we, as humans, go about our business.

In support of our LiveBook I have included further reading references within the different sections and here for your further exploration.

If you would like to add something to this resource, please get in touch.

5. The MoralDNA of Love, Logic and Law

 “Who’s doing the right thing?”

Roger Steare Consulting Limited, 2008 (PDF)

In a Different Voice

Psychological Theory and Women’s Development

Carol Gilligan

Good work: a view from ‘across the pond’

Howard Gardner and Danny Mucinskas  | Harvard Graduate School of Education

6. How to decide what’s RIGHT

'ethicability' book over - more from How to Be Good at Work


Roger Steare

7. Culture