From Sunday Cheer to Monday Fear 

Matt Abbott

As love surrounds the dining table; belly laughs aplenty,
the Sunday roast ritual drowns us in delight.
Belts loosen; living rooms resemble a jacuzzi,
and television flickers through the night.

But Sunday dread, soon sets in, as yawns begin to creep.
Workplace worries start to overtake the sheep.
Seven hours’ slumber ‘til the carriage or the car.
Succumb to expectations, surrender who you are.

See, the home life needs no manual or code of conduct.
Laminated instructions; a “How To” guide for love.
The tasks we undertake when fulfilling our relationships
simply can’t be quantified in graphs or presentations.

So, this is where it’s time to shift the power.
Bridge the gap; embrace yourself in every waking hour.
Be the strongest you in the workplace. The strongest you at home.
Don’t let preconceived behaviour allow brilliance to roam.

Unwind and indulge, with philosophy as a teacher:
from the floral shirted “weirdy beardy” son of a preacher.
Just ninety minutes with Roger will slowly redefine.
A session like a steaming bath with a glass of crimson wine.

Tombstones and eulogies will always speak of love.
Let head, and heart and gut sit like fingers in a glove.
Don’t let fear drag you downwards: always gaze above…
because tombstones, and eulogies, will always speak, of love.

Inspired by episode 7, ‘Culture’, Matt Abbott is a poet and activist. Appearing alongside, among others, John Cooper Clarke, The Fall, Ken Loach, Sara Pascoe, Paul Weller, Shappi Khorsandi, Jeremy Hardy, Mark Steel and Mike Garry. In late 2016 he starred in the ‘Nationwide Voices’ national TV ad campaign, alongside Hollie McNish and SugarJ Poet. In early 2017, he became Poet-in-Residence at the National Coal Mining Museum.

Matt’s Edinburgh Fringe show ‘Two Little Ducks’ received 5* reviews and cemented Matt’s place amongst the leading new voices on the national scene.